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    THESE FOUR GOOD -LOOKING GUYS ARE ALL PASTORS WORKING WITH ME. They make up my pastoral team overseeing our 3 churches on Reunion Island. Two ladies who we have ordained as pastors are missing from this photo. I'm so proud of them. They are everything you would want from a pastor and team member and they are great fun to be with. In May three of us will travel to Mayotte Island where a pint-sized lady is doing a giant of a work raising up a church in a population of 96% Muslim. We will be ordining her as well. Another couple on Reunion is being trained for the ministry and will be ordained in the course of the year. AS BILL LAWRY AT THE MCG WOULD SAY COMMENTATING THE CRICKET , "IT'S ALL HAPPENING, FOLKS!"




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    FINALLY, AFTER TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING and one year waiting for the publishing MY FOURTH BOOK is about to be published (in French !) The title tranlated into English is "The 100 parables of Jesus - as you have never read them before". Below is the cover of the book which will be in A4 format, 368 pages. Maybe one day we'll publish it in English.

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    Reunion island - THERE ARE SOME TURNING-POINT MOMENTS IN ANY PERSON'S LIFE ! When we look back on them we see how momentus they really were. For some people they are tragic moments that will leave scars for the rest of their lives. For others they are experiences when God comes crashing in. I had one of those last year in June 2019. It triggered off a seeking after the heart of the Father. I've been at it for nearly 12 months now and it has totally changed my way of praying and my relationship with God. We lift up the name of Jesus and highlight the work of the Holy Spirit, and so we should. But often our heavenly Father gets left in the background. In this video I share my life changing sovereign experience. I've sent it around to some personal friends but I feel I need to share it more generally. I'd love to know how you respond to it. Those who know me well know that this doesn't normally happen to me. Thanks for your interest and your comments. Don't hesitate to share it if you feel it's appropriate. God bless.


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    reunion island - YESTERDAY OUR 4 CHURCHES CELEBRATED 7 YEARS since we launched our movement on Reunion Island and in the southern Indian Ocean. We started from scratch, zilch, nothing, nobody! TODAY WE HAVE A FANTASTIC PASTORAL TEAM seen in this photo (just one lady assistant pastor and one pastor's wife missing). In May, 4 of us will be travelling to Mayotte Island , between Madagascar and the African mainland, to ordain a little lady doing a giant-size work, building a great church in very difficult circumstances. We will also be ordaining a couple who will take over our main church when we leave to return to Australia in November. THE WORK OF GOD IS MARCHING ON IN 2020

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    Reunion  island - DON'T YOU LOVE IT WHEN A WHOLE FAMILY COMES TO CHRIST !  ! I'd like you to meet Jean-René and Nadège. They came to see me 12 months ago wanting to understand the Bible. One night during a Bible study they both gave their lives to Christ and we baptised both of them in the sea. It was such a powerful baptism service! A month ago their 19 year old son turned up to church with them. When I made the appeal he immediately put up his hand and came forward. Then to my great surprse, he told everone how, the previous evening, God had spoken to him in his room and told him to convert to Jesus. This week he brought his girlfriend to the Bible study. And yes, this week, as you can see, I conducted a renewal of his parents' wedding vows in a grand ceremony that was a real wedding before 80 guests. The presence of God came down, tears flowed ! THE GUESTS NOW WANT TO COME TO CHURCH! IT'S BREAKING NEWS, FOLKS!

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    Reunion island - ONE OF BIGGEST CHALLENGES IN PIONEERING IS GETTING A YOUTH GROUP STARTED when there are no young people around the church being berthed. This photo is so encouraging! It's the first time this group has met together. Standing behind the table is my assistant pastor and his wife, Olivier and Rima. A pizza pool party did the trick and they all arrived togerher in the church bus. They had a ball! THIS YOUTH GROUP IN THE SOUTH OF THE ISLAND IS OFF AND RUNNING!

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    Reunion island - 50 YEARS AGO JESUS CAME FLOODING INTO MY LIFE ! It was a Wednesday evening in a chapel in Springwood in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, January 14th 1970, when a young teenager of 15 experienced the life-changing moment that would impact his entire life. He wept for over an hour not understanding anything that was happening to him. He fought back the tears because the mates and the girls were looking on, but couldn't. A youth leader came and sat beside me and whispered in my ear "Don't worry, you'll get over it. " WELL I NEVER DID GET OVER IT! (photo of him a bit younger than 15 but you get the idea!)


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    Reunion island - AMAZING! GUESS WHO TURNED UP IN OUR PRE CHRISTMAS SERVICE THIS MORNING ?! We baptised Joseph and Mary earlier this year. And the 3 wise men, top right is Fred our lead pastor in the South church. The two other wise men were saved in our church these last few years, Ramon and Farid. Ramon, bottom right, was a particularly happy wise man this morning. His daughter Elena, a 13 year old mature for her age, gave her lfe to Christ in tears in my arms. It was a moving time for all the church. WE ARE HAVING A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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    Reunion island  - WELL, I'M SPEECHLESS!!! 7 years ago when we started the church in Reunion Island WELL, I'M SPEECHLESS!!! 7 years ago when we started the church in Reunion Island there were 3 of us: myself, Denise and our faithful secretary Chantal . 7 years later this is the choir, made up of the adults and the kids choir singing together in our pre-Christmas service. MAKES AN OLD SOLDIER'S HEART SWELL WITH PRIDE. I LOVE THIS WORK !! (That's me on the right worried about the screen being blown down by the wind - what you don't have to do to be a pioneering pastor!)

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    Reunion island -   PEOPLE SAY, IN OUR CHURCH WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME EATING TOGETHER! This is our Thursday night Bible study group. Every meeting ends with a meal! It's an international group. Around the table are Italians, Spanish, Chilians, Australians, Cap Verdians, sometimes Romainians, Reunion Island créoles, of course, and there are even some ex-pat French! LOVE IS IN THE AIR! (and there's plenty of joy as well!) WE ARE DISCIPLES OF JESUS (not of John the Baptist!)

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    Reunion island - THIS IS MY INNER CIRCLE ! Saturday morning I met with the leaders of our 3 churches on Reunion Island. We are preparing 2020 when there will be major change in the air. Denise and I will be returning to Australia to resettle after more than 8 years church planting on the island. We've been doing this for over 42 years but this is the best group of leaders we have ever had! That's saying something. We are working together to successfully transition and the prospects are good but the hearts are heavy. Denise and I have promised them that we would return often to encourage the work. we have started. There is such quality in this group of leaders. It will be very hard to say goodbye next November but it will be "when we meet again"! GOD'S WORK MARCHES ON!

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    REUNION ISLAND O THIS IS A GOOD ONE ! I met this bloke Olivier, 38 years old, at a wedding I conducted back in June. He was the groom's brother. The following Sunday he came to church and gave his life to Christ. He's been such a faithful guy despite some real battles. Today we baptised him. He came out of the water speaking in tongues ! So good! Isn't that what's supposed to happen at baptism services?! EVERYONE ON THE BEACH GAVE HIM A ROUSING RECEPTION. FOLKS, GOD IS STILL DOING THIS TODAY !


    REUNION ISLAND - TO DAY, THE PASTOR'S WIFE BAPTISED HER PARENTS ! Our young church in the south of the island held a baptism service. The pastor, Fred and his wife Gaëlle baptised 3 people in the sea. It was the first time I have witnessed a woman baptising her father and her mother. Several years ago Fred who had had a pretty wild ride as a youth, received a flyer in the street. He kept it for 3 months before finally deciding to come to church. He gave his life to Christ and as a result his wife and her parents also came to Christ. Fred and Gaëlle are now in our pastoral team and serving the Lord so effectively. This was a "man photo". Fred has the hat and his father-in-law is next to him on the left. Second from the right is Jean-René who was saved in one of our meetings earlier in the year. He also was baptised today. We then had coffee and  croissants on the beach. HOPE YOU ARE ALL EXPERIENCING THIS WHEREVER YOU ARE !


    !Reunion island - THIS IS A KEEPER! Phillip Mutzelburg and his wife Mandy visiting us at Reunion Island, lost in the southern Indian Ocean! Phillip and I have been great mates for over 40 years. We understand each other ! In fact, I pushed him into his first responsability as a leader of a home group many years ago. This was the beginning of an international ministry that has spanned decades and has seen many raised up to serve the cause of the Gospel. He is a pastor to pastors across Australia and the US. He preached such a simple message of the importance of encouragement and as I translated into French I could see the tears in the eyes of many people. In fact at the end of the service a most amazing thing happened with one of our leaders who just fell in a heap with me. THANK YOU PHILLIP. YOU DID US SO MUCH GOOD TODAY!



    The Mutz's and the Esterman's go back a long way! When we first met Phillip was a pipe-smoking Baptist only discovering the things of the Spirit. We saw their children grow as well as their stature in ministry. They have not only pastored for over 20 years the church in Ipswich we planted in 1980 but have made a huge contribution to advancing the cause of missional churches throughout Australia and the USA. We've been good friends all these years sharing the same passion for seeing people won to Christ ...and cricket ! Phillip and Mandy have been talking about coming to visit us in Reunion for a long time. The distance and the cost of the flights have put off everyone else who entertained the idea. But not these two! They will be with Denise and me for 10 days arriving tomorrow, Friday. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR SOME UNIQUE PHOTOS


    Reunion island
    -THIS IS CALLED COMFORT FOOD ! Please meet my young assistant pastor, Olivier. He's 27 years old married to a lovely Christian Mauritian lady called Rima. This was at our fellowship lunch after our Sunday service where Olivier had just preached. He was in unwind mood. You wouldn't believe that he had just finished telling me that sometimes he only wants a green salad for lunch. This was certainly not the day ! I remind him regularly that a fat pastor is not a pretty sight !

    Reunion island -  IT'S A MAN'S WORLD! Yesterday we did it! We had our first men's day for the guys in our 3 churches on Reunion island. While a number weren't able to come there were nearly 40 of us and what a day we had. We hit a nerve in our small groups when one of the questions they needed to cover was "How was my relationship with my father? In my group only one of 9 had been close to his father. The others all had heart-breaking stories to tell. Tears flowed as the guys shared how they had never before been able to talk about these things. Many said that they couldn't have shared so personally had their wives been present. We called the day "We, the men!" LIVES HAVE BEEN CHANGED AND NEW FRIENDS HAVE BEEN MADE. IT WAS QUITE A DAY



    reunion island  YESTERDAY MORNING IN CHURCH, HEAVEN CAME DOWN! So much happened that on Monday I'm still coming back down to earth! This was one of the highlights. We were singing a very catchy song about rejoicing in the Lord and the congregation was rocking. So I got some of the kids out and we danced together. The people were amazed that the 65 year old pastor still had it in him. But I must admit that I was glad to catch my breath with the annoucements before preaching. At the end of my message, as always, I made a salvation altar call and 4 unsaved people responded. One 16yo son of a lady who got saved earlier in the year, a 15yo girl who's mother in the church went through a divorce 2 years ago, a 40 yo man who wept his way into the kingdom of God and a 36yo woman there for the first time. I SURE HOPE ANY PASTOR READING THIS POST IS NOT MISSING OUT ON THE JOY OF SALVATION THAT IS OUT


    Reunion island - THIS IS SUCH A GREAT PHOTO ! Meet the parents Damien and Thécle who is an olympic champion out of Africa. This morning we dedicated the new addition to their family, Arthur, whom I call King Arthur ! He was the star of the show. He smiled all the way through the dedication and grabbed me much to the delight of the crowd (30 people, friends and family for the occasion). I had a prophetic word for Arthur. "As he had managed to gather so many people for his dedication so it would be throughout his life. He would gather people around him to do them good and to share about the God who loves them." WE HAD A VERY MOVING TIME IN CHURCH THIS MORNING !




    I'd like you to meet Sidney and Morgane. Sidney came to a Bible study with his girlfriend who has recently started coming to church. Sometimes it's best not to trust first impressions because that night he seemed totally out of it. Yet after the meeting I purposely sat next to him during the meal that followed the study to see if there was anything Inside this big hulk of a fellah. Well to my amazement I found a big soft heart and an ability to think. We spoke together the rest of the evening. The following Sunday he came to Church wearing his best shirt and when I gave the invitation to accept Christ as Saviour he didn't hesitate to respond. Sidney and Morgane were married last month in France and yesterday we prayed for them as a couple on the same day they were baptised ! It's a beautiful story, one that only God can work. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE MISSING OUT ON THIS?

    Reunion island - THE SEA NEARLY BAPTISED ALL OF US ! Yesterday (Sunday 9/06/19) we baptised 2 couples in the sea before our worship service. We were about to baptise Paco and Daniela when suddenly the sea level rose significantly. We had to scramble to get to more shollow waters. LIVING DANGEROUSLY ON REUNION ISLAND!  


    Reunion island - IT'S BEEN A FEATURE OF OUR MINISTRY WE HAVE WON TO CHRIST MORE MEN THAN WOMEN ! Here's a photo to prove it. This morning in church I asked those who have given their lives to Christ this year to come forward. Of the 6, four were men and there was one man missing who turned up late to the service. The congregation got very misty-eyed as they realised that they had witnessed 6 miracles before their very eyes. Each one has an incredible story just like Jean-Hugues, two down from me. For 14 years his Christian wife prayed for him despite the ridicule she received for her faith. His first time in our service was enough. He now loves Jesus with all of his heart. IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN THAN THIS?!



    Reunion island - ON SUNDAY WE REWROTE THE STORY OF THE PRODIGAL SON! That's right, in our version the pig farmer gets saved alongside the son and they return to the father's house together. I'm not joking. That's what happened in our service. On the left of the photo a 33 year old man, son of Christian parents, gives his life to Christ and next to him a 64 year old man, A PIG FARMER also commits his life to the Lord. SO WE KILLED THE FATTENED CALF 











    AND HAD A PARTY!!HIS STORY, I JUST LOVE, FOLKS  Last Sunday was Easter Sunday all over the world. This lady, top left photo with me, was holidaying near the chapel where we conduct our Sunday service. Being a Catholic she wanted to attend a mass on Easter Sunday so she turned up at the chapel with her aunty and her two sons. Only thing was that it wasn't a mass she attended but our service. They all stayed and moved to the front row to read the words of the songs on the screen. I spoke on "The Passion of the Christ… what was all that about ?". At the salvation altar call she raised her hand and came forward to give her life to Christ. She was back this morning having changed her plans to be present. When she gave her testimony we were all "spell-bound" as she told of what God did for her. All week she had been floating on cloud nine. She had previously gone to Church and come out with all the questions she had going in. But not last Sunday! She came out with answers. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL, MOVING TESTIMONY OF A WOMAN WHO HAD JUST DISCOVERED JESUS!

    Reunion island - 'M PROUD OF THESE TWO GUYS - the dynamic duo of young pastors we've ordained recently. They conducted a baptism service in the sea and what a service! It was Acts 19 all over. The lady who just 4 weeks ago gave her life to the Lord with her husband, was hit by the power of God as she entered the water. She had to be baptised quickly before she fell and came out of the water speaking powerfully in tongues to the amazemant of all on the beach. WELL DONE HOLY SPIRIT! WELL DONE FRED AND OLIVIER!

    ON THE 10th MARCH 1979 VINCE AND DENISE SAID "OK, LET'S DO IT" AND LET'S SEE WHERE LIFE AND GOD TAKE US. 40 years on this is what we look like...not too bad considering. Sunday in Church we invite our friends to celebrate with us 40 years of serving God together, feeling good about not wasting our lives.

     Reunion island - A PICTURE'S WORTH A 1,000 WORDS! Can you capture the spirit of what we experienced yesterday as we ordained two assistant pastors for our work in Reunion Island? We are raising up a new generation of Gospel preachers and what a team we now have ! Yesterday it was Olivier & Rima, as well as Frédérique who joined our ministry team. When I asked the age of each member of the team we had 25, 26, 27, 28, 36, 40 43, 46 and the oldest at 51 (some I forgot to ask!). PIONEERING NEW WORKS SURE IS EXCITING! 

    nion island - IT'S TAKEN OVER TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING! The manuscript is finally ready for the publisher. The title "THE 100 PARABLES OF JESUS - AS YOU'VE NEVER READ THEM! (A Journey into the unsearchable ways of God). When I first began teaching on the parables I never imagined there were 100 of them. It was a fascinating exercise trying to understand obscure pictures such as "Whereever there is a dead body the vultures gather" or understanding what Jesus really meant by "Let the dead bury the dead". (There are much cherrier themes, of course!) The manuscript is over 300 A4 pages! The French publisher will have to work out how best to present the work. That's his problem. ANYWAY, FEELING PRETTY PLEASED RIGHT AT THE MOME



    NOW FOLKS, THIS IS ONE FOR THE ANNALS. AN INCREDIBLE PHOTO! Today in church we celebrated our 6th anniversary since we started our first church meeting on the west coast of Reunion Island. These were the people who attended the very first meeting who are still with us. Let me mention 4 of them. Firstly, there is Marianne, she's the grand-mother on the far left just behind me. It all began with her! She received a brochure we put in her letter box and rang me. She had been setfree from fear, totally free, in a meeting I had conducted 20 years previously She wanted to see me again so we conducted our first meeting in her daughter's home, second from the left (Patricia). Patricia invited Pierre and Monique (1st & 3rd from the right) to come to that first meeting. They were VERY reluctant because it happened to be the night of their 46th wedding anniversary and they had seen so many pastors come and go,they supposed it was just another one. 6 years later we are all together serving God and seeing so many lives changed. THIS IS ONE AMAZING ADVENTURE WE ARE ON!

    YOU MAY NOT KNOW STUART McILWRAITH BUT I DO! I've met a lot of pastor's in my time but no one quite like Stuart, not even close. He's been pastoring in Ceduna, SA, for over 30 years. If you don't fill up your car in Ceduna you'll never get across the Nullabor! It's the sticks for someone living in Adelaide. I've ministered in his church a number of times and preached on the streets there. At the time, a good Sunday was 15 people! Well now he's ministering to hundreds each week. You can't get more Aussie than Stuart. He's just sent me two photos - one is the worship team for a bush outreach, the other is the kitchen preparing for fellowship lunch. Believe it or not, since Denise and I moved to Reunion Island as missionaries in 2012 Oasis Church in Ceduna has become our greatest donors on a monthly basis. We are so humbled by their simplicity and spirit. I love these people. They embody the spirit of New Testament Christians.Reunion island -Reunion island -

    TODAY WE BAPTISED IN THE SEA TWO GREAT LADIES SAVED IN OUR CHURCH. Photo on the left is ANNIE. We did a letterbox drop around the church hall we use offering to pray for people if they send us their prayer requests. Annie contacted us saying she received a letter from God in her mailbox. She came to a meeting, gave her life to Christ and joined the church. She worked for 10 years as a hostess in a Casino in the tourist sector. You can place your bets, she's made the right choice! On the right is CHRISTELLE. She is a Primary school principal. She was won to Jesus by one of her teachers who attends our church. She went through a terrible experience of losing a still-born baby in the womb. Her teacher reached out to her and helped her turn to God through this dramatic time in her life. Today she is a radiant person and her husband can hardly believe what's happened to her. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN HAVING FRONT ROW SEATS OF GOD AT WORK! 


     REUNION ISLAND  - WE ARE FACING INSURRECTION ON REUNION ISLAND! For the last 11 days the people of Reunion have risen up against the French government for the many taxes imposed since Emannuel Macron became president of France, over 300 in all. Denise and I have seen our small pensions reduced by 30%. The Reunion islanders have had enough. A populist movement, that embraces all levels of society, sprung up overnight, all wearing the yellow vest compulsory for every vehicule on the road in case of a breakdown. Last week there were riots and looting. Destruction everywhere. Road blocks appear every day in all the stategic roundabouts of the island. YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO CATCH A PLANE OUT OF HERE AT THE MOMENT! Tomorrow the ovrseas territories minister arrives from Paris to try to put out the fires, armed with a water pistol. The French government isn't backing down. The yellow vests are planning 300 roadblocks to meet the minister. Schools have been closed for 11 days. Shops are closed, shopping centres are blocked and food in container ships is not being released. In 3 days there will be nothing left on the shelves. Offices and services everywhere have ground to a halt. And it's dangerous to go out at night. SO DENISE AND I ARE HUNCKERED DOWN AT HOME. Midweek church services are all cancelled and for Sunday services we have to leave very early to get through before the blockades are set up. Yet, despite all of this, 5 people came to Christ in our service last Sunday! LIFE CAN GET VERY INTERESTING AT TIMES!



     Reunion island - TWO WEEKS AGO WE DIDN'T KNOW THESE TWO ! Patrick's is an amazing story. Annie's story is quite miraculous. The morning of the service last week I was in prayer and the Lord spoke to me about a man who would come to the service for the first time. He would be alone and this was the word I needed to share with him. When we arrived at the Catholic chapel where we conduct our service we found this man, PATRICK, praying in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. When we started our worship rehearsal he sat down and listened. He stayed for the whole service and at the altar call he responded and gave his life to Christ. During my message I spoke about firefighters. When I asked him publicly what was his profession, you guessed it, a firefighter ! He came to the midweek Bible study transformed and was back in church again this morning with overflowing joy. and has asked me to baptise him. Now for ANNIE, she hasn't yet given her life to Christ. But she is now a regular in our church ! She came 2 weeks ago because she is an artist and has been painting landscapes based on photos put up on Facebook by our secretary, Chantal. She came to church wanting to meet Chantal. Well, God has blown her away ! She ends up overwhelmed by each meeting. Having known a new age influence, she wants to understand God's word to build a new foundation for her life. She can't wait for our next meeting. BEING A PASTOR HAS VERY REWARDING MOMENTS!


    THIS IS SUCH A GREAT STORY! I would like you to meet FARID and LAURENCE. Farid is from Marseille, France, with an arab muslim background and Laurence, a Reunion Island girl. He's 54 and she's 38. They were both saved in our church. He was a drunk with nothing to live for. She is a teacher, now principal of an early childhood learning centre. Laurence came to Christ by coming to church. Week after week she heard the word of God and it affected her deeply. Farid came one Sunday and prayed out loud during communion even before giving his life to Christ. She was in recovery mode after a failed marriage. He was just a mess. But as the months passed he gave up the drink totally, stopped smoking and to be able to fit into a wedding suit, he lost 14 kilograms. That's right, a wedding!! I conducted their wedding just last week. It was a beautiful day. They are great helpers by our side as we serve the Lord .IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

    HERE'S A SHOT OF MY FOUR-LEGGED DENISE AT THE MOMENT. We came out of a meeting into an unlit car park and Denise's foot found a hole. She landed flat on her face. The result is ruptured ligaments (that's worse than torn ligaments and worse than a broken bone). So she will be getting around on crutches wearing a Robotcop boot for the next 4 weeks then four more weeks of rehabilitation. BUT FOLKS, SHE'S ALL SMILES AND I'M GETTING USED TO DOING THE SHOPPING!Reunion island -

    Reunion island - THIS IS A MOST MEMORABLE PHOTO! I was about to preach a keynote address to our movement of churches in Lille, France, last Saturday, 6/10/18. Leading the worship were Chris and Laura Christiansen, better known as the worship group EXO. I have been planting churches throughout France for more than 30 years using their worship songs. They have made an incredible impact with their songs. Everywhere you go, people worship God with EXO songs. It was my opportunity to thank them publicly on behalf of the many thousands who have met God through their music. I must admit that as I heard them sing tears flowed.

    Reunion island - THIS GUY'S STORY, WELL, IT JUST HAS TO BE TOLD ! It all started back in 2013. It was Sunday morning and I was praying for the service before we set out. And suddenly a very clear thought came into my mind "Today, a man will come on his own to the service for the first time. No one knows him and he knows no one. And this is what you need to say to him…" It was so clear but so improbable because at the time our congregation was no more than 15 of a Sunday morning. The meeting began and as the first song rang around our rented hall the sound of a motor bike, a powerful one, could be heard. And in walks DAVID. He was alone and in the service for the first time. We did not know him. At the end of the message I shared with him publicly the word God had given me for him. I found out later that he was actually well known in Christian circles because his father had been a Church leader and David was a specialist sound man that did the sound for many Christian events. However, he was himself totally closed. He rejected what he saw among the Christians and had refused to be baptised or join any church. In his own words, he was cold, intellectual and cynical. When I gave him the word which brought him back to when he was a child, he rejected it thinking "He says that to everyone. It's a stitch up."
    But when he got home the full impact of the word hit him. The following Sunday he was back with his wife and she was deeply moved in the service. We could see David changing on a daily basis. He was warmer, softer, teachable. Some weeks later I was astounded when he asked me to baptise him. He had been resisting calls for baptism for 27 years ! Several months went by and for the sake of his work he moved the family to France to settle. Over 4 years went by and last Sunday he was back in our service having returned to Reunion Island permanently during the week. The congregation was moved when at communion time he told his story. David is one of our very first converts to Christ in Reunion and WHAT A BEAUTY!



     Reunion island - YOU'LL HARDLY BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN THIS PHOTO. 9 months ago not one of these people (apart from me!) were Christians; It began with Yasmine (in blue). Her friend, Kelly, (to her right) came anxiously to see what her friend was involved in. First night she gave her life to Christ in tears. We baptised her in January in one of the most powerful services I've ever experienced.Then her testimony impacted her mother, her sister, her brother , her neice and two family friends. ALL WERE SAVED OVER THE FOLLOWING WEEKS. But this morning, her father (3rd from right), a hard aggressive man with a huge drinking problem who had caused much pain to his family, came to church and gave his life to Christ calling on God to forgive him for the man he had been. TEARS FLOWED FREELY THIS MORNING. CHURCH IS AN EXCITING PLACE!


    REUNION iSLAND - I'D LIKE YOU TO MEET DANY (top photo). TWO MONTHS AGO HE DIDN'T SERIOUSLY BELIEVE IN GOD! This Sunday I will be baptising him. His conversion testimony is absolutely stunning. Giving his life to Christ, in an instant he was delivered of persisting negative thoughts and received the ability to forgive his father for all the abuse he received. HE NOW DEVOURS THE WORD OF GOD AND WOULD LIKE TO BE A PREACHER OF THE GOSPEL MESSAGE. How good is that!!


    THIS WAS A SPECIAL MOMENT! BAKO IS THE 5TH PASTOR WE HAVE ORDAINED ON REUNION ISLAND. But she, not he, is the pastor. She's in green next to Denise, assistant to our Madagascan pastor Rodolphe (far right). She is such a faithful and devoted leader and eveyone loves her preaching! COME ON GIRLS, RISE UP AND PREACH THE WORD OF GOD!

    THIS IS OLIVIER, OUR TRAINEE PASTOR. HE'S A NUTCASE WHEN FRANCE WINS. And France beat Argentina 4/3 yesterday. Couldn't keep him quiet today in church ! Every song about celebration and victory seemed to have a different meaning for him. BUT HE HAS A GREAT HEART FOR GOD AND OUTSTANDING POTENTIA

    Reunion island - SUNDAY I PREACHED ON AARON HOLDING UP MOSES ARMS Here's the photo of me, guest speaker at a pastor's conference in Madagascar November 2017, pushing the broken down pastor's car along with a restaurant waiter. SO IF YOU HAVE GOOD LEGS, FORGET YOUR TITLE AND JUST PUSH!


    Reunion Island - THE CITY OF IPSWICH HONOURS VINCE & DENISE! That's right. They have placed an official bronze plaque with a heritage number onsite at Catalyst church. It refers to the Suttons Foundry which has been a part of Ipswich's history. On the plaque is mention that we bought the foundry and estbablished the church on January 7 1980. It's no big deal really but it's a trace of the work we've done over many years. WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR HIS ABIDING GOODNESS TOWARDS US.

    A2A Conference 2018 - AUSTRALIA -

     "t's hard to believe that we could have a day so packed with hi lights; more amazing teaching from Mark Conner, Steve Addison telling us about he day it all started, Sharon O'Neill moving every heart at the conference with an amazing but challenging message, Vince Esterman inspiring us, Phil Benson having us in fits of laughter, the worship team leading us into a special place, the prophetic blessing us, and above all God meeting with us". A2A


    AUSTRALIA - Gold Coast

     Last night at the opening night of the A2A2018 National conference.




    THIS IS FRONT PAGE NEWS! Thérèse pressed us to baptised her. She could not wait! It all started with her daughter who came to a Bible study to make sure that her best friend had not fallen into a cult. That night Kelly gave her life to Christ. When she was baptised in January it was one of the most powerful baptisms I've ever experienced in 40 years of Ministry! Since that momentous day 5 people of her family have given their lives to Christ including Therese, her mother, who we baptised today. It was such a powerful time. In the service that followed 3 people gave their lives to Christ including 2 men one of whom is Therese's eldest son and another man a close personal friend. WE ARE WINNING REUNION ISLAND ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

    WELL FRIENDS, IN THE 60'S THE BEATLES SANG "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64" The good news for me is YES! Tomorrow Monday 9th of April I turn 64. And I'm happy to report that Denise still needs me and she still feeds me. Life is good!



    THIS MORNING IN CHURCH WE HAD A REAL GOSPEL CHOIR! They didn't need a sound system. Neighbours came when they heard their singing. These are a Reunion Island based choir and we connected well with them. At the end of the service a 15 year old gave his life to Christ. THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS IN CHURCH!





    I'VE GOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY! His name is Joel and he is 62 years old.. When he first came to our Bible studies he was so "blank". He didn't understand a thing. After that first night I thought " we'll never see this guy again". But the next week he was back. Second night he looked just as totally blank. This continued for 3 months! He was very timid and never said a word. Then one night, before I began the study, he spoke up "Could I say something?" "I've been observing you for these 3 months. How can I have the faith that you have?!" WE WERE FLOORED! That night we led him to Jesus. 18 months have passed and Joel asked to be baptised. It was a wonderful moment. As he came out of the water he said, he felt God gave him wings to fly like an eagle! FLY, JOEL, FLY!!



    FOR THOSE WHO DON'T READ FRENCH...but you've worked it out. Tomorrow Denise and I celebrate 39 years since Pastor Trevor Chandler led us in vows that were a life-long commitment. Young people have trouble getting their heads around those kind of numbers. When Denise worked at EDGE Kids Life in Adelaide and she celebrated 32 years married the young people working with her were astounded. 32 years! With the same man?!!! They thought it was cumulative- 8 with the first guy, 12 with another, 5 with the 3rd and the rest with the old bloke. Well NO, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are all rolled into one. IT'S ME! THANK YOU, JESUS, THANK YOU, DENISE!

     HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAP OF REUNION ISLAND? Take a look at the towns at the end of each line. We now have churches in these 4 towns. A 82 year old man in the church drew a line through the 4 towns and found a cross. IS THIS SIGNIFICANT OR AM I SEEING THINGS?!


    Reunion Island - HAVEN'T BEEN BACK TO AUSTRALIA IN NEARLY 6 YEARS! But Denise and I are heading home for a visit in April/May. We'll be visiting Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide and Bundaberg, all in just 4 weeks. Looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones at the A2A conference. SEE YOU SOON!


     Reunion island - How this simple Gospel preacher was   used by God is just phenomenal! Yet the message is   there for all of us to preach to a dying world. There is   salvation in Jesus Christ!

    L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, texte

    A WEEK HAS PASSED SINCE BILLY GRAHAM WENT TO HEAVEN. I think I can recognise some faces in the cartoon below. I'm counting on a few myself when it's my turn.

    Une semaine s'est écoulée depuis que Billy Graham est allé au paradis. Je pense que je peux reconnaître quelques visages dans le dessin animé ci-dessous. Je compte sur quelques-uns moi-même quand c'est mon tour.

    Reunion island - THIS IS OUR PASTORAL TEAM ON REUNION ISLAND. Outstanding guys serving the Lord! The title reads in blue PASTORS AWAITING YOUR CALL. We now have 4 churches up and running and growing with a 5th church on Mayotte Island, near the African coast. IT'S WONDERFUL TO BE A PART OF A WORK OF GOD

    Reunion Island- TODAY WE ORDAINED TO THE MINISTRY Fred and Gaëlle. They have been part of our work for over 2 years and have a remakable heart for people. They will be leading our new church in the south of the island. GOD IS DOING AN AMAZING THING AMONG US!


    Reunion island

    YOU ARE WITNESSING THE BIRTH OF A NEW CHURCH! For the last 6 months we have been working with these people preparing for the launch of the new Church in the south of Reunion Island. THEY ARE NOW READY TO GO! We will be ordaining Fred (standing next to me, wife Gaëlle on the extreme left) to the Ministry as pastor on February 11th. 2018 is going to be a BIG ONE!


     THIS LOOKS LIKE AN ORDINARY BAPTISM. IT WASN'T! This young woman gave her life to Jesus in October 2017. She came to her first meeting because she wanted to see if her best friend had not fallen into a cult. On that same night she gave her life to Jesus in tears. She's an accountant, and pretty reserved. She has no Christian background and no real understanding of the Word of God. When we baptised her TODAY she had an Acts 19 experience. The power of God came upon her even before we baptised her. When she came out of the water she let out a mighty scream as the Holy Spirit delivered her and filled her and she broke out in a powerful flow of speaking in tongues while at the same time sobbing her heart out. People on the beach watching on were all in tears as God moved. I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE OF THESE BAPTISMS SINCE THE 1980'S. As I spoke with people on the beach they were in a state of shock. They had never seen anything like this. THE WORSHIP SERVICE THAT FOLLOWED WAS HEAVENLY!!!


    REUNION ISLAND - FABULOUS! I conducted a wedding on Friday. The lady had been following us on Facebook and one Sunday morning she just turned up to Church. In the same morning she gave her life to Jésus, asked to be baptised and asked me to do her wedding. Her husband is a recently retired police chief on the island. He has such a great heart and was very moved by the ceremony. I have never been accosted by wedding guests wanting to speak with me as I was yesterday. One couple asked me to do their wedding. Another young man asked me to lead him to the Lord. THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN AN EXCITING CHRISTIAN LIFE!

    Reunion island - HAVE A LOOK AT THIS! On Sunday the oldest man in our church, Marcel-René 82 years young, showed me this map of Reunion Island. He drew a direct line from our church in the north to our church in the south, and another line from our church in the west to our church in the east and this is what he came up with. It's a perfect cross. THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED IN THE LAST TWO YEARS! Everyone who has seen this is excited about how many other lines we can add to the picture. BELIEVE ME, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING ON REUNION ISLAND!


    Ile de la Réunion -
    THIS WEEK WE BAPTIZED 15 PEOPLE ON REUNION ISLAND - all new Christians who have recently given their lives to Christ. Such joy! God is moving in the islands of the sea!



    TODAY WE BAPTISED 8 PEOPLE WHO HAVE JUST RECENTLY GIVEN THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST. In was in the beautiful waters of l'Ermitage beach in the west of Reunion Island. Many people came to witness this momentous event. Even the local press turned up to report on it. In the service that followed we doubled the size of the congregation. People on the beach said they could feel the power of what was happening in the water. GOD WAS SURELY PRESENT WITH US TODAY!

      Some of the lovely people who have recently joined our church on Reunion Island. These photos were taken last Sunday. YOU CAN FEEL THE JOY AND THE LOVE. It's a wonderful way to do life!

    Reunion Island - IT'S BEEN A VERY SAD DAY. My dear friend and fellow preacher of the Gospel from Madagascar whom everyone knew as Pasteur Jules passed away early this morning, aged 66, after a stroke earlier in the week. Jules was a remarkable man of God. As a youth he tended cattle but God raised him up to be a mighty apostle in his country. In the 1980's he brought revival to the land filling stadiums as he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is estimated today that there are 2 million Christians in churches in Madagascar (population 24m) as a direct result of his preaching. We toured together a number of times. I taught the pastors in the morning and he would preach to the masses in the open air in the afternoons. He was a lovely man, kind and loving, full of faith. He was a giant in the Kingdom of God on earth. Tears welled up within as I lead in prayer for his family in our Saturday night service. He is enjoying his reward. We bear the pain of our loss. Till we meet again, Jules.



    ARE THE FACES of those we will be baptizing on November 5th. They have all recently given their lives to Christ. Others are showing interest as well. I'm expecting that there will be more. SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING ON REUNION ISLAND.!


    Reunion island - 40 YEARS AGO A YOUNG BUSHY-HAIRED 23 YEAR OLD WAS LAUNCHED AS A MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL. And it's been quite a ride! In fact, looking back, I realise that all my life, that's all I've ever done - preach the Gospel and teach the Word of God. THIS SUNDAY WE WILL HAVE A SPECIAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE for those 40 years. If you have any old photos I'd love to receive them. Thank you all for being a part of my story.



    Reunion Island - WHAT A MOMENT THIS WAS!
    Saturday we ran what we called the AGAPE FESTIVAL. It was a combined event bringing together Catholics and Protestants on the island. First time this had ever been attempted. We had much opposition from hardliners but we pulled it off! I was one of the organisers and speakers. I spoke to an overflowing crowd, many of whom were Catholics. At the conclusion I invited people to commit themselves to following Jesus. Many hands went up. This is only part of the crowd. It was a deeply moving time. One of the highlights of the day. 2000 YEARS ON, THE GOSPEL HAS NOT LOST IT'S POWER TO CHANGE LIVES!


    Sorry, it's in French, but the photo is in English! It's a report of Saturday's AGAPE FESTIVAL


    The congregation was in tears. He was a bad muslim, messing with drugs and alcohol. He came once or twice some months ago but lasted about 5 minutes in the service before running out. Surprise, surprise, he came to church this morning. When I made the salvation call, two ladies responded but he didn't budge. Yet I felt to go after him. I said "Young man, if you want to come forward, then do it!" He sprang to his feet and ran to the front. He was shaking like a leaf as I lead him in a prayer of commitment to Christ. He told me at the picnic that followed that, when I spoke to him directly, he immediately felt that it was Jesus Himself speaking to him. This is so often the case for muslims. They need to have a direct revelation of Jesus. IT WAS A SUBLIME HEAVENLY MOMENT. THOSE WHO WITNESSED IT WILL NEVER FORGET IT!


    Reunion island - Love, I mean LOVE this photo!
    This family came back to church this morning. They are so much a part of our story on Reunion Island. They came to the very first services we held back in 2013. We loved them as our own children...Jimmy, Véronique and their 3 children Dylan, Ryan and Leika. Leika was just a bump in mummy's tummy at the time. We followed them over two years going to their home each Tuesday night along a very dangerous stretch of rosd. One night a rock from a water-logged cliff landed on our windscreen. They experienced major problems with the construction company they launched and dropped out of church for 18 months. BUT TODAY THEY CAME BACK TO THE FATHER'S HOUSE! Yes, our heavenly Father but also their spiritual earthly father. It was an amazingly emotional time! GOD IS ON THE MOVE bringing the hearts of the sons back to the fathers!



    BRINGS A LUMP TO MY THROAT! These were the young people of our church in Paris back in 2006 before we returned to Australia to set up our base and begin itinerant ministry. I loved these young people. I believe that they are going on for Jesus as young adults wherever they are today. Bottom right of the picture are Vince and Denise. ANOTHER SPECIAL MEMORY. Celebrating 40 years of ministry next month!


    David and Béa, and their 2 children, were the very first to come to Christ in our very young church on Réunion Island 3 years ago. We walked with them over 18 months and loved them as our own children. But because David couldn't find work on the island they moved to France and we lost contact with them. It was a real heartache for Denise and me. This morning without any prior notice during our worship service, David and Béa turned up now with 3 children! I was in a state of emotional shock! I asked them to come forward and I explained the significance of the moment to the congregation. David said to me that he needed to reconnect with his spiritual father. There were many tear-filled eyes in the congregation this morning.

    Reunion island - TONIGHT WE LAUNCHED OUR 4TH CHURCH ON REUNION ISLAND! It's in the south, at Saint Pierre. There was love in the air. Tears flowed and one lady gave her life to Jesus. It's a miracle ride with this church plant. A lady I didn't know has been following us on Facebook. She rang me 10 days ago asking for help to lead her group of a few people she had led to the Lord. When I met her and heard the story my heart was moved. A godly woman, rejected by evangelical leaders simply because she was a woman and zealous for Jesus. Denise and I have fully endorsed her. She is a precious lady, third from the right, lower level. Her daughter told me that she just couldn't believe the love she could feel from our group. I told her we don't wound people, we love them. THERE ARE A LOT OF EXCITED PEOPLE AROUND SAINT PIERRE TONIGHT! -


    This is where we have lived and served the cause of the Gospel for the last 5 years. We have now 4 churches up and running in 4 strategic regions across the island. Why not come for a visit?! Reunion Island - THANKSGIVING SERVICE 


    FOR 40 YEARS OF MINISTRY 1977-2017


    40 years as a minister of the Gospel is something worth celebrating ! Could you help us ?

    We would like to gather OLD PHOTOS of CLC Brisbane days, of CLC Ipswich and of the early years in France.

    We would also like to receive from you short anecdotale stories and short TESTIMONIES especially of those who have come to Christ with us over the years or have been released into the ministry with us.

    Please send them to my email address : esterman.v@gmail.com
    or by Messenger to my Facebook pages either :
    Pasteur Vincent Esterman OR Vince Esterman



    conducted my first baptism service in 1979. Since then I have baptised hundreds who have given their lives to Jesus. So who will be next??? (That's me in the centre of the photo. I was 25 years old.

    PARIS/REUNION  ISLAND - LOVE THESE TWO PHOTOS! Bottom photo was my team in Paris back in 2004/5. For two years we did concerts in restaurants and piano bars around Paris singing the songs from my album. It was a wonderful experience taking the Gospel to the people with outstanding musicians and singers...Luis, Sung-Eun, Christiane and Aure.
    TOP PHOTO WAS LAST SATURDAY NIGHT! That's right, we're still at it. This time with a new team doing the restaurant circuit in St Pierre, Reunion Island: Jimmy, Gaëlle, Fred, Olivier. Been doing this for 40 years now. I NEED THE BUZZ!




    REUNION ISLAND - TAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF THESE FACES. These are the people (plus at least 5 missing from the photo) who will be the basis of our new church in the south of the island in the coming months. We meet together on Thursdays. It's a stirring time around the Word of God and then we hit the meal Chantal, our secretary who's unit we meet in, serves up - incredible dishes each week. NO WONDER WE'RE ALL SMILING!



    CHECK IT OUT ON A MAP OF THE WORLD. A network of ministries and churches is emerging in the southern Indian Ocean. I just returned yesterday from 3 days of meetings with pastors in the capital of Madagascar, the city of Antananarivo. A number of influential pastors have asked to join us with the view of planting churches and raising up young ministers of the Gospel across the region. There is now an arc Mayotte-Madagascar-Reunion where we have churches working together in our new movement of churches. It does require a lot of travel to keep the training and the work moving ahead. A friend of our ministry in Adelaide has sent funds to cover all the travel expenses for those we send in the first year. Isn't that amazing! Why would you settle for a boring Christian life?!

    Can't do an anniversary without a cake! So here it is...last saturday 180 pastors and leaders helped us celebrate 30 years of partnership for the Gospel in style! Thank you Jésus!

    ON MONDAY WE CELEBRATED CHANTAL'S 70TH BIRTHDAY with a BIG picnic on a public hliday. Many of you know Chantal. She came to Christ with us in Paris in 1999 and has worked closely with Denise and me ever since. She does all of our websites and Facebook walls. She is so dedicated to God, to us and to everyone who is part of her life. She's just unique, full of joy and fun, always wanting to please others. So happy, happy birthday, Chantal. More photos of the big day coming up.


    Vince and Denise ESTERMAN and Antoine and Christiane NOCEK are celebrating 30 years of friendship and partnership for the cause of the Gospel. We met in 1987 in a meeting in the suburbs of Paris and have teamed together all these years. We have traveled together to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Argentina, Australia. Two very different couples yet who see God's work in the same way. We have never experienced conflict! Together we have planted a movement in France that has raised up 30 or more churches. Today we continue this precious friendship and team ministry raising up new churches in Reunion Island, Madagascar, Mayotte and throughout France. We took time out to share our joy and successes with those who work with us. We particularly want to thank our precious Lord Jesus Christ whom we love and serve.
    Yet we feel that the best is yet to come...call us crazy!

    In case you were wondering who these couples are...
    These are our friends and fellow-workers, Antoine and Christiane NOCEK.

    We connected up in a meeting in Paris in April 1987. Since then we have pioneered many churches together and launched two movements of churches in France. We have faced much opposition together in our pioneer work and Antoine and Christiane have endured cancer and a heart attack that was nearly fatal. YET AFTER ALL THESE YEARS AND THE MANY TRIALS WE ARE STILL AT IT! We reckon we have a few more church plants in us before the finish line. IT'S AN ANNIVERSARY WORTH CELEBRATING!

    Point News Can't do an anniversary without a cake! So here it is...last saturday 180 pastors and leaders helped us celebrate 30 years of partnership for the Gospel in style! Thank you Jésus!Point News

    TOMORROW VINCE AND DENISE will have lived, served and laughed together for 38 YEARS. It's an old photo but a goodie!
    Happy wedding anniversary, my darling Denise!

    MAYOTTE -  Vince preaching in French in Mayotte and being translated into the malgache language by my co labourer Rodolphe last Sunday morning. The lady who allowed us to use her restaurant came forward at the end of the meeting to commit her life to Christ. One young muslim man, clearly a practicing muslim by the mark on his forehead, came forward also, clutching his heart as the Holy Spirit moved on him. He immediately joined the young people as they jammed away on their instruments. How could you pass up a chance to experience this? It is glory!

    MAYOTTE -  After Daniel and Rodolphe baptised 2 girls early Sunday morning they stopped, held hands and prayed in the waters of baptism for the salvation of Mayotte.


    These are the guys we're launching a new church on Mayotte island with. Check out Mayotte on a map. First meeting on Sunday brought together 40 people including kids. Two whole families came to Christ! Thrilling start! You will hear more of what God is doing with these people in the months ahead. More photos following...

     Arriving in Mayotte. First meeting 25 people present. 12 came forward to give their lives to Jesus. This new church plant is off and running!



    In the middle there's RODOLPHE. He's 25 years old. He's the pastor of our church at St Denis, the capital of Reunion Island. He is an outstanding young minister of the Gospel and a real compagnon in the work for me.

    To the right is DANIEL. He's the leader of a small group on MAYOTTE which is a French island in the strait between Mozambique and Madagascar. Mayotte is 95% muslim! This weekend Rodolphe and I are flying to Mayotte to be with Daniel with the view of launching the church.


    On the weekend of the 4th & 5th of March I will be on a REMOTE FRENCH ISLAND called MAYOTTE, situated between Madagascar and Mozambique, to launch a new church. This island is 95% muslim so it represents a great challenge for the local christians. This is a photo of some of the young people waiting for us to come. Thank you for upholding us in prayer!


    ON FEBRUARY 4th!
    Could you please pray for us!
    Vince and Denise are planting another church!

    We have now 3 churches functionning well and growing on Reunion Island: one in the West, another in the North, in the capital, and a third in the East. Overall we gather about 200 people.

    So the glaring absentee is the South in the island's second city, St Pierre. We already have a Bible study group meeting every Thursday there but we are launching our first public meeting, and WHAT A NIGHT IT PROMISES TO BE!

    We will conduct it in a fancy hotel in the centre of town with some Gospel music followed by an exposé that I will bring on the subject of "Near Death Experiences".

    At the conclusion people will be invited to stay and have dinner with us at the restaurant which is laying on a special 3 courser for a bargain price. We have already 25 people registered for the meal with 2 weeks to go! This doesn't include those who will just turn up for the meeting.

    I'm expecting to be able to start a new church with this initiative which we will do on a monthly basis.



    « Hello, is this Pastor Vincent, Pastor Vincent Esterman? » It was an older lady’s voice.
    « Yes, it is. » I replied.
    « I received your flyer in my letterbox. »

    But how did she know my surname? That information wasn’t on the flyer. She went on to explain, « Twenty years ago I attended a meeting you conducted in Saint Pierre. You had a word of knowledge for me and that night God totally set me free from fear. »

    That phone call launched our pioneer work on the French Island of Reunion in the southern Indian Ocean in January, 2013.

    With my wife, Denise, and our secretary, Chantal (all 3 nearing 60 years of age), we had found ourselves in the most awkward of situations. We had moved to Reunion Island from Australia after 20 years of church planting based out of Paris, France, which yielded around 30 churches throughout the country. This new chapter in the adventure which has been ours, came from an invitation by a church on the island to help train leaders to pioneer new works. Within days of arriving with a one-way ticket, we discovered a very insecure leader who had changed his mind about the invitation.

    We would have to go it alone.

    Reunion Island is an active volcano which erupts several times each year and is unheard of other than in France. Its one moment of international fame was in 2015 when the first piece of debris from MH370, the vanished Malaysian Airlines flight, washed up on our shores.

    The population is around 830,000 and, as the name suggests, is a melting pot of races and religions: Creoles, Tamuls, Muslims, Chinese, French ex-pats. It’s a pin-prick on a map of the world which, if you look carefully, you will find between Mauritius and Madagascar.

    The lady who rang had received one of 18,000 flyers the 3 of us put in letter boxes up and down the west coast. On the side of a volcano that took a lot of steep climbing! It was in her home that we held our first Bible study.

    It was a Monday evening and, just before we began the meeting, my phone rang. It was another lady who had received a flyer. After I explained to her who we were, she asked when there would be a meeting she could attend. I replied, « In your area, it’s in 15 minutes ». She said, « I’m on my way. » She came and gave her life to Christ. She’s a medical doctor with her own practice and is very much part of our young congregation.

    A group of Christians from Madagascar living in Reunion, approached us to help them plant a church in their native language. They hired a hall and now number over 100 on Sundays. I conducted the young leader’s wedding and ordained him to the ministry. This is our second church on the island.

    Apart from the flyers, photos and news posted on Facebook have very much helped the work we’ve done. We were contacted by 3 families from the east coast who had been following our posts. They also asked for help to launch a church which is now off and running with their own hall and around 30 attending. Wonderfully, whole families are coming to the Lord. We ordained the young couple leading the work in September.

    Denise and I have been doing this for nearly 40 years and can confirm the accuracy of the scripture that says, « Cast your bread on the surface on the waters, for you will find it after many days. » (Eccl 11:1).

    One man turned up to our service. He happened to be the newly-appointed head of a major government agency. His wife had been filled with the Holy Spirit in a meeting I had conducted on the French Riviera in 1987!

    Another man came to a service, having heard my sketchboard stories on the seafront. He gave his life to Christ and shares his faith in Jesus with the many who work with him in an internationally-known health products company, of which he is the head on the island.

    In the Mozambique Strait there is a French island called Mayotte, just a 2 hour flight away. The particularity of this island, which is even smaller than Reunion, is that it is 95% Muslim - a real challenge for any would-be pioneer. One man, who follows us on the internet, contacted us about starting a church on Mayotte. There’s a new window of opportunity on this island as many of the young people go to France to study and come back no longer under the shackles of their religion. A group now meets regularly in the capital.

    I remind myself of the importance of this work with the words of Jesus, « The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field » (Mt 13 :31).

    Now into our 60’s, I wouldn’t have expected to be still sweeping halls before church or leading meetings with my guitar for lack of musicians or having to carry the finances while teaching people on giving to God’s work.

    Yet we only have one chance at life. Somehow, we have to make it count for eternity.

    Facebook : Pasteur Vincent Esterman
    Email : esterman.v@gmail.com

    REUNION ISLAND - Hector Costello is Principal of Freshwater Christian College in #Cairns. Hector came to faith after Pastor Vince Esterman reached out to him over a 2 year period in the local cricket nets! He is Vince's first convert! Hear his testimony & his heart for raising children in a godly schooling environment. Listen online at www.historymakersradio.com History Makers Radio & TV Vision Christian Radio 89.9 LightFM LightDigital 1079 Life Rhema FM Newcastle Rhema FM Central Coast 94.9 96three FM 106five FM, Sunshine Coast 91.9 Fresh FM LIFE FM 100.1 101.9 Wagga's Life FM 100.7 Riverland Life FM 104.9 Lime FM Flow FM Australia LIFT FM Eugene Bognar Judy Bognar Phillip Mutzelburg Tony Llewellyn Alli Llewellyn

    photo archive 'chantal villageon)

    REUNION ISLAND   FOLKS, THE REUNION ISLAND VOLCANO HAS ERUPTED! But no worries, the population base is far from the lava stream. But we ARE sitting on an awful lot of firepower.

    I'D LIKE YOU ALL  TO MEET SAMUEL AND HORTENSE. Today we will be conducting a special service to ordain them to the ministry.

    Samuel and Hortense are a wonderful couple who lead our church at Ste Anne in the east of Reunion Island. They have two children: Jérémie and Julie.

    Have followed us on Facebook for several months in 2015 they came to see me to share about the call of God on their lives. We started a new church with them and there are about 30 people attending already after 10 months. This is great for Reunion Island these days. They are full of faith and passion for God, powerful intercessors with a seemingly inexhaustible love for people. They minister together and we are so proud of them and the work they do. They will be the second pastoral couple we have ordained with more to come. GOD IS BLESSING THE WORK!


    Reunion island - THIS IS ONE INCREDIBLE PHOTO! 2 of these men I haven't seen in 20 years. In fact Eric, just below my right shoulder, is the man I worked with in the early 90's to establish our first church in Reunion Island. Life has it's twists and turns and our paths were not to cross again until today when he, his wife Sylvaine and others came to our service to reconnect with us. They are launching a new church in a different region of Reunion and would like us to be involved with them in this new project. God is doing a new thing!



    Here’s a bird’s eye view of where we are today.

    While we are still very much in pioneering mode we are making significant progress. After a particularly difficult first year we had to start the church again. We just couldn’t build with people we had.

    We relaunched the church in the west of the island where there are many French ex-pats and spent the next year dealing with the instability of many of the island folk.

    But since mid 2015 things have been turned around. We now have some families who are committed to working with us. In June of last year we helped launch a new church of Madagascan Christians in the north of the island, in the capital, St Denis. A young malgache pastor we ordained last year leads the work. His name is Rodolphe and is an outstanding man of God. I conducted his wedding to Vony back in February.

    Then in October 2015 a number of couples from the east of the island who had been following us on Facebook, came to a meeting and asked for an appointment. As a result we’ve started a new church in the east, in the town of Ste Anne (many towns on Reunion are named after saints). They are doing very well and gather around 30 for their Saturday evening service which I take once a month. Once a month they travel to the west to join in our service then we picnic together on the beach. The name of the couple who lead this work is Samuel and Hortense. They also have a real call of God on their lives. On the 4th September this year we will ordain them to the ministry.

    In March I went to Madagascar to conduct a school for soul-winners with 800 leaders present. A man from the French island of Mayotte, the same southern Indian ocean region, attended. We are now helping him establish a church on his island. There are about 25 in attendance. Mayotte is 95% Muslim so it’s a real challenge for him. His name is Daniel.

    Last week 10 people from the south of Reunion turned up at our service in the west. I hadn’t seen 3 of them in 20 years. One was a former pasteur I had worked with on the island to start the first church 25 years ago. They have started a new church in the south and are looking to me for help and encouragement.

    Then last Friday a couple from the north eastern town of Ste Marie invited us to lunch to talk about opening their home to start a group that would be under our covering.

    So, much is happening. We are having to fight for each salvation but we have several wonderful trophies of grace among us, especially some men, which has always been a distinctive feature of our ministry.

    Denise is training children church workers and we’re working on developing worship teams which is a real need on the island. Leadership training is also a priority. Last month I conducted a day seminar « Growing together in the ministry » for all our leaders. About 30 were present and there was such a great spirit in the group.

    Financially, it remains a challenge because of the mentality on the island. It is heavily dependant on hand-outs from France so there is an ingrained mentaliy of receiving help but not giving. We’re working on this as well but there is resistance, so we have to carry it ourselves.

    Our French secretary, Chantal, who doesn’t speak English, runs our French Facebook wall. She’s a keen photographer and regularly puts up photos of the people and our functions. To see the photos just become friends with Pasteur Vincent Esterman

    Denise joins me in sending love, greetings and thanks for your interest in our work, God bless.


    The family day with special activities for 25 young people didn't get off to a good start. Storms rolled in and all the shelters were taken by other groups. So we all ended up in the toilets. We looked at it positvely - we had a shelter with our own onsuite. But we could have done without the smell. DENISE looks as if she's been arrested and jailed. Anyway, the sun returned and we had such a great day with all the young people.



    We are not referring to a wedding anniversary  but to the day Vince and Denise Esterman  arrived in France with no return ticket, after 9 years of ministry in Australia, in order to respond to God’s call. 

    It was the 30th June 1986, a momentous day when Vince and Denise landed at Marseille airport to begin what has been an amazing adventure. 

    Here’s a brief summary of the journey : 

    1986 – 1988  based in the city of Nimes and involved in itinerant ministry in France 

    1988- 1995  church planting in Evry in the southern suburbs of Paris 

    1995- 2007 church planting in the centre of Paris near the Sorbonne university 

    2007-2012 based in Adelaide, Australia, and ministering throughout France & Europe 

    2012-2016  church planting on Reunion Island in the southern Indian Ocean     

    30 years of preaching the Gospel - seeing countless numbers of people come to Christ, several dozen men and women trained and released into ministry leading churches today, and churches planted in a number of regions in France. 

    But also 30 years of having to face opposition, sometimes fierce, coming from all quarters and adversaries who rose up against us in the work we did. 

    And we are still at it ! 

    Our goal has not changed one bit – there’s still another soul to be saved out there. 

    We, Vince and Denise, would like to express our deep gratitude to God for His faithfulness and goodness to us over all these years. And thank you to all our friends and fellow workers who have remained faithful to us throughout this journey. 

    But the race is not run ! 

    There’s still a way to go before we cross the finish line. So we press on reaching out for the prize that awaits us. 



     Reunion island - FACEBOOK FRIENDS, THIS IS TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE!!! As you might know, one of my special activities over the last 30 years has been going out on the streets of the cities of the world with my sketchboard to tell short stories and share the incredible message of God's love for people. I reckon there have literally been hundreds of thousands of people who have heard me. Well, last Saturday I took the board out on the seafront at St Pierre, Reunion Island, where we live. I had lots of kids sitting at my feet enjoying my stories. Right at the very end a couple stopped, caught the tail of my last story for the day and asked for a flyer. Chantal, my PA, chatted with them and to her surprise, the couple said, we'd like to come to your church tomorrow. Our service is not at St Pierre but 40 minutes drive away. Well the next day they were in the service with their two children and at the end of my message both husband and wife gave their lives to Christ! The congregation was stunned and many had trouble holding back their emotions. As they left after the service the couple said "See you Thursday at the Bible study". Winning people to Jesus can be SO simple sometimes.

     Reunion Island - THIS IS A NEW CHURCH JUST 6 MONTHS OLD ON REUNION ISLAND. A fine looking bunch of people, if I may say so! The photo was taken last Saturday evening after the worship service. We started the church with 3 couples on the east side of the island because it was too far to travel to our main service on the west side. The church is doing very well as can be seen. They are being led by a wonderful couple, Samuel and Hortense. Hortense is standing on the far left and Samuel is crouched on the far left. Church planting is alive and well and full of thrills and spills. THANK GOD FOR AN EXCITING CHRISTIAN LIFE 

    A FEW YEARS AGO I PUT OUT AN ALBUM OF MY OWN SONGS. They're all in French but you may like the melody. The title of this one is "When I gaze up at the stars". My secretary is putting them all on Youtube at the moment. When living in Paris we did a few concerts in piano bars. IT WAS QUITE AN EXPERIENCE. Trying to reach people for Jesus I guess we've just about done everything!


    TODAY WE BAPTISED 4 MEN AGED BETWEEN 49 -53. All of these guys have been saved in our church in the last few months. The ladies love to see the men go on for Jesus. All the non christian friends who came for the early morning baptism service stayed on for our Sunday service. There were as many non christians in the meeting as there were Christians! iT WAS GREAT! Then we went to the beach for a picnic and conversations just flowed about faith in Jesus. When I saw a bunch of young people on their motor bikes i went over with a bowl full of sausages. I made lots of new friends with these sausages. REACHING OUT TO PEOPLE CAN BE SO EXCITING!

    Reunion island - TO MY LEFT, A LIVING LEGEND! Here are some photos just sent through from the school for soul-winners I conducted last week in Madagascar. Around 800 were registered and the enthousiasm crackled like pine cones in an open fire. In the first photo, to my left, is Pastor Jules. From being a humble keeper of cattle God took him, saved him and sent him to preach to his own Madagascan people. His preaching brought revival to the whole country in the 70's and 80's. There are realistic estimates of 2 million people won to Christ and in churches today as a result of his ministry in a national population of 23 million. We now work together to help move the churches back into outreaching mode. IT WAS A MOST SIGNIFICANT WEEK.Madagascar   5 DAY SCHOOL FOR SOUL WINNERS... 1,100 LEADERS ARE REGISTERED!!


    OVER CROWDED CLASS SIZES, up to  800 students! This is my school for soul winners in the city of Antsirabe, Madagascar. Many pastors and church leaders are involved from around the country but many young people also wanted to be in on it. They all really got a hold of "sowing systematically" hence the comments "systematiquement!". Yesterday afternoon around 60 people were powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit, including one pastor. These people bring out the best in me. Thank you Lord for the malgache people!! This is my school for soul winners in the city of Antsirabe, Madagascar. Many pastors and church leaders are involved from around the country but many young people also wanted to be in on it. They all really got a hold of "sowing systematically" hence the comments "systematiquement!". Yesterday afternoon around 60 people were powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit, including one pastor. These people bring out the best in me. Thank you Lord for the malgache people!


    Madagascar is an amaing place. It's a very poor country yet never have I seen New Testament Christianity lived out as in the people here. Such fervour, respect, humility and commitment. I'm amazed that the "Malgache" people who have so much to teach me about living for Jesus ask me to come to minister to them. It will be quite a week, next week.

    Reunion Island - This morning we baptised Alicia, who is a well-known TV presenter on Reunion Island. She gave her life to Jesus in our church in January. Several of her friends were in church this morning and heard her testimony about how the Holy Spirit impressed upon her about viewing the film "The Passion of the Christ". When she did she was powerfully impacted by the Holy Spirit and her life was transformed. Exciting days!

    TEAM VINCE AND DENISE was born on this day, March 10th 1979. We were married in Brisbane at Christian Life Centre, Fortitude Valley by Pastor Trevor Chandler, who sadly left us some time ago. It was a beautiful day and when Denise walked into the church it took my breath away. Since that day, it's been such a great story. Many young people can't believe that two pople could be happy together for 37 years, love each other and look forward to many more years. But for both of us the best part is that we are making a difference in so many lives as we share the love of Jesus in different parts of the world. Long may this blessed adventure continue!

    Point News


    REUNION ISLAND - Meet this young couple, Rodolphe and Vony. Rodolphe is the pastor of our Madagascan church in St Denis, the capital of Reunion Island. He is 25 years old and is such an outstanding young man. His wife is a very dedicated Christian woman. They were married civilly today and tomorrow I will be conducting their Christian wedding. It is the first time that I have a real Timothy. I am so proud of them.


    on streets, in parks, on beaches, in shopping centres and malls, on university campuses, in schools, in churches. From the West Indies to Florida, from the Arctic circle in Norwa, Sweden and Finland to Paris via Rotterdam and England, Adelaide, Reunion Island, I've travelled far and wide with my old friend, my sketchboard. How many people have heard me speak of the love of God in these public places?...conservatively, 150,000. Perhaps my best response was a man called Ramon who heard me at the beach at St Pierre in June of last year. He was deeply moved by what he heard and came to church. His life was turned around and he keeps bringing new people along to share with them his new-found faith in Jesus. From a very nervous beginning in 1986 int the streets of Nimes in the south of France to today in Reunion where the nerves still kick in each time I go out, I thank the Lord for His promise to be with us as we go, till the end of the age.







    Pastor, Evangelist, Conference speaker, Street story-teller and equipper of churches to bring in the Harvest.

    Who is Vince Esterman ?












    Vince Esterman was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1954 to French parents. Having pioneered and pastored churches in  Queensland, Australia, for 9 years, he moved to France with his wife, Denise, in 1986. For 21 years, they planted a number of churches in France and Belgium, including one in the heart of Paris which he pastored for 11 years.

    Successful church-planting in France required an understanding of reaching the secular mind and touching Gospel-resistant hearts. The many conversions he has seen bear testimony that Europeans and Western populations can be won to Christ in today’s world.

    He has authored several books, which have been translated into French, Norwegian and Swedish. His books encourage people to think about and re-evaluate what evangelism is all about. The style is refreshing as he looks at life and people joyfully. Well-known Biblical truths are rediscovered from new angles and applied in sometimes surprising ways.

    The Estermans returned to Australia in April, 2007 and have settled in the city of Adelaide with the view of establishing a ministry base from which they could travel back to Europe and beyond, as well as partnering with Australian churches.

    Vince conducts equipping seminars for churches entitled “Sharing your faith, and actually enjoying it !”, teaches in Bible Schools, speaks on relevant topics at evangelistic events and motivates churches to once again take up the cause of the Gospel.

    His approach is relaxed and non-confrontational, yet searching for response. He believes that we must earn people’s trust and win the right to be heard.

    There’s nothing quite like seeing a person come to Jesus publicly and then be added to the church community. This is Vince’s ultimate goal to which he has devoted over 36 years of his life.















    2016 - What a moment to savour!


    5 weeks ago God put a thought in my mind about launching a fund for a bus to bring people to our services. 5 weeks later the thought has become reality.

    We are grateful to God for his incredible provision and we are so grateful to the 30 people, couples and churches who contributed to make it possible.

    It’s a PEUGEOT Expert 9 seater (which can be driven by anyone with a normal license).

    After seeing a number of dodgey buses and ringing around many of the dealers on the island only to be told that a quality used 9 seater was very rare and in great demand, we found one, and what a deal !

    It’s a 2012 model with only 33,000 kms on the clock. Looks and drives like new.

    Our target was $25,000 (15,000€). We received in total $26,500 and we secured the bus for exactly $26,500 ! How is that for precision blessing.

    To register, service and insure the bus will cost us a further $1,700. PERHAPS SOMEONE WHO RECEIVES THE EMAIL UPDATES WOULD LIKE TO HELP US WITH THIS and round off an appeal that has left our young church stunned and amazed.

    On behalf of all the people who attend our church (called Espace Foi Sans Frontières – Faith Without Borders) THANK YOU, MERCI BEAUCOUP !

    Much love to you all,

    Vince and Denise

    Photos are of a very happy Vince and Denise and some of the folk of our church

    Our ministry bank account details are the following :

    From within Australia
    National Australia Bank
    BSB : 085-005
    Account number: 754418913

    From outside Australia
    National Australia Bank
    SWIFT bank code (BIC) : NATAAU3303M
    IBAN: 085005754418913


    That's right! Our main church, which is not the biggest numerically, has been going 18 months if we don't count the year that wasn't.

    However things are accelerating. In June we helped plant a church in the capital, St Denis, in the north. This is a church of Christians from Madagascar and their meetings are in their native language.

    However we use their hall for an outreach meeting into the French-speaking community. This meeting has attracted people from the east of the island through our Facebook and website exposure.

    Last Saturday evening we launched our third church, this time in the east of the island with around 30 people in attendance (see photo below). There is real excitement around the place! It's just great seeing God move and being surprised by the next thing He does.



    We launched A NEW CHURCH last night in the east of Reunion Island! Around 30 people were present and there was great enthusiasm and expectation for God will do here. We now have our Sunday service in the West, a branch church in the North, in the capital St Denis, and a branch church in the East with a Thursday meeting in the South. GOD'S ON THE MOVE!

    MOMENTUM IS STARTING TO BUILD FOR THE 9 SEATER BUS APPEAL ! Just 4 days into the appeal we have received 8 gifts totalling $7,800. A fantastic start !
    Our target is 15,000 euros or $25,000. We’re well on the way !
    To those who have sent a gift, thank you for your generous support !
    Perhaps you could consider making a contribution to this fund for the purchase of a bus which will be a great help in the pioneering work Denise and I are doing on Reunion Island.
    When there is a need, there is always in God’s economy, an answer to that need.
    Thank you so much for prayerfully considering this request.God bless,Vince and Denise.
    PS Regarding about the photo, the bus we will purchase will most probably NOT be a VW in the present climate !



    Dear friends and supporters of our ministry,
    Our work on Reunion Island is progressing.
    In recent months we have seen a number of new people attend our meetings and up to 10 people have given their lives to Christ.
    We now run meetings in the capital St Denis in the north of the island, and in St Pierre in the south, with our Sunday service in the west.
    We are still in the early phases of this church plant and are confronted with a number of pressing needs none more than musicians and worship leaders. I still lead the worship with my guitar at the ripe old age of 61 ! Where are all the young musicians ?!!
    Another pressing need is TRANSPORT.
    Many people simply don’t drive or don’t have cars. Whole families can’t come to church for lack of transport and each Sunday we arrive to church with a boot load of equipment and a car load of people.
    So we are launching an appeal to raise sufficient funds for us to purchase a good quality vehicule. This is the first time we have made such an appeal in all these years of ministry, as far as we can remember.
    Our target is 15,000 euros or $25,000 AUD
    Gifts of any size would be gratefully received.Our ministry bank account details are the following :
    From within Australia
    National Australia Bank
    BSB : 085-005
    Account number: 754418913
    From outside Australia
    National Australia Bank
    SWIFT bank code (BIC) : NATAAU3303M
    IBAN: 085005754418913
    Thank you so much for your help with this special project.
    God bless,
    Vince and Denise

    Pasteur Vincent Esterman
    06 92 79 70 26



     I CAUGHT THIS "FISH" on the seafront of St Pierre. I was out with my sketchboard one Saturday afternoon 2 months ago when this man, Ramon, listened to me intently. He contacted me the following week and came to church with his 2 kids. He gave his life to Christ and since then keeps bringing new people, around 15 so far! A lady he brought yesterday gave her life to the Lord along with another lady. PRETTY EXCITING STUFF!

    ANTSIRABE -MADAGASCAR - I am with the dance group of girls in a church in the town called Antsirabe in the heart of Madagascar


    HIS PHOTO WARMS AN OLD FELLAHS HEART! Here I am with the dance group of girls in a church in the town called Antsirabe in the heart of Madagascar. I was one of the speakers at a pastors conference bringing in pastors from all over the country. These girls are sensational! They danced so energetically, so skilfully with all the praise songs we sang. The joy had to be experienced to be believed. I've never been in an atmosphere of joyful praise as here. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries on earth yet the Christians show such abundance of spirit. There was a special connection all week with these lovely, lovely people.


    REUNION ISLAND - Here are a few shots of some of our folk yeasterday enjoying a meal together after church. The centre photo on the left shows a man speaking with another man and a woman. The man speaking heard me telling stories with my sketchboard on the seafront two months ago. He came to church with his two kids, gave his life to Christ and now each Sunday brings new people along. It's the way it should be! It makes church an exciting place to be.

    It's been a long day! We've been helping to move a key couple in the church, Pierre and Monique, picture between Denise and me. The two guys who helped us on the left of photo are guys who are coming to faith. Farid on the far left, is a builder and Nicolas is a dentist. We are enjoying a glass of Vouvray Methode Traditionnelle, otherwise known as champagne. They love the fact that our feet are firmly planted on the ground but our hearts are firmly attached to heaven.



    REUNION ISLAND - The world is talking about Reunion Island! That's where the debris of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 has ended up. We have lived here since August 2012 planting a new church. We are now on the map!
    More : http://www.linfo.re/…/674081-debris-d-avion-a-la-reunion-do… #‎LaRéunion‬

    © Jean-Régis Ramsamy (Réunion 1ère)


    THIS IS REALLY WORTH A COMMENT for my English-speaking friends. I'jve ust spent the last 4 days in the capital of Madagascar, Tananarive, speaking at a pastor's conference. I took a number of the morning sessions speaking to 1,200 people while my good friend, Pastor Jules, spoke in the afternoons in the evangelistic crusade with 7,000 people cramming the amphitheatre. Pastor Jules is an incredible man. He brought revival to this island in the 1970's an counts 3000 churches through the country that see him as their spiritual father. It's estimated that there are 2 million people who have come to Christ through his ministry and who are now in churches in a country whose population is around Australia's, 22m. He spoke simply but powerfully and the crowds that came to hear him listened with enthusiasm and faith. The musical programme had to be experienced to believe. The song leaders led the thousands who all seemed to know the up-tempo songs with the corresponding actions. At one stage the inter action between people and song leaders shook the amphitheatre. From my front row position I just looked around and delighted in people who love God joyuously singing their faith. I will be coming here more often in the future. In fact in September Pastor Jules and I will be doing a tour of major cities in this very poor country taking the Gospel of the love of Jesus to the people.CE est vraiment vaut un commentaire pour mes amis anglophones. I'jve ust a passé les 4 derniers jours dans la capitale de Madagascar, Tananarive, prenant la parole lors d'une conférence de pasteurs. J'ai pris un certain nombre des séances du matin s'adressant à 1, 200 personnes tandis que mon bon ami, pasteur Jules, a parlé dans l'après-midi à la croisade d'évangélisation avec 7, 000 personnes, l'amphithéâtre de bourrage de crâne. Pasteur Jules est un homme incroyable. Il a apporté à Renaissance à cette île dans les affilées une églises de 3000 chefs d'accusation à travers le pays qui le considèrent comme leur père spirituel. On estime qu'il y a 2 millions de personnes qui sont venus à Christ par l'intermédiaire de son ministère et qui sont maintenant dans les églises dans un pays dont la population est autour de l'Australie, 22 m. Il parlait simplement mais puissamment et les foules qui sont venus pour l'entendre écoutaient avec enthousiasme et la foi. Le programme musical devait être expérimentée de croire. Les dirigeants de la chanson a conduit des milliers qui tout semblaient connaître les chansons up-tempo avec les actions correspondantes. À ce stade l'action inter entre les gens et la chanson dirigeants ont ébranlé l'amphithéâtre. De mon poste de premier rang j'ai juste regardé autour et plaisir à ceux qui aiment Dieu joyuously chanter leur foi. J'ai sera à venir ici plus souvent dans l'avenir. En effet en septembre pasteur Jules et je vais faire une tournée des principales villes dans ce pays très pauvre, amener l'Evangile de l'amour de Jésus aux gens.


    THIS IS SUCH A GREAT PHOTO taken Sunday morning. I'm with my longtime friend Antoine Nocek. We have been working together for 28 years. In fact with our wives we started the movement of churches which today has churches all over France and in other French-speaking countries. A few weeks ago he suffered a heart attack. His arteries were blocked up to 90%. He could have died twice because of complications. We hung in with prayer that God would pull him through. And He did.! I was in Paris attending an annual conférence of our movement of churches and I had a window of opportunity to drive to his city to see him. We had a memorable evening together. He is weak but so bouyant, so full of faith for the future. I love this man. He is Polish and I am Australian. You couldn't find two more different personalities but we see God's work in the same way and we have travelled many years together pushing the frontiers of the Kingdom of God ever further. I thank God that he is still alive. He will make a full recovery and we will continue to fight the fight of faith.

    REUNION ISLAND -  Our volcano has started erupting again - 2nd time this year! Spectacular images of the lava flow! 

    THIS IS OUR CHURCH PICNIC AT THE BEACH ON REUNION ISLAND. It's hardly typical! We have ladies who don't want to eat sitting on the ground so they bring the furniture along with them. We welcomed the Hernandez family, Dave, Laurence and their boys Damien and Breandan who have joined us from Melbourne to minister with us. The church is experiencing real blessing at the moment. People who have come to Christ are coming regularly and others are joinng us loving the sense of fellowship and the spiritual quality of the meetings. After the many battles over two years we are now surfing a wave


    THIS IS SUCH A GREAT PHOTO! The lady on the left is Marie Andree and with her husband she has been part of our church on Reunion Island nearly from the beginning. She has been sharing her faith with her secretary at the hospital where she works. 3 weeks ago Aurélie, the secretary, came to church with her husband and two small children. At the end of the service she have her life to Christ. She has such a glow about her and yesterday the whole family was back in church and stayed on for the picnic. THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! I've seen this happening for 40 years but each time it's like my first experience of seeing God's grace in someone's life. Thank you Jesus for loving us!


    This afternoon we ordained to the ministry a young man from Madagascar living and working in Reunion Island. His name is Rodolphe and is 25 years old and is one inspiring preacher/leader. He runs a Sunday service in the capital, Saint Denis, for Madagascans in their native language and 60 people turn up. Rodolphe has turned to me for help in establishing this new church which is actually now a branch of our church. This is an amazing development! They are looking to rent a building in the city centre and I have asked them to give me a midweek evening to run a French speaking outreach in the capital. The work is expanding. God is on the move and this is only the beginning folks - so watch this space...




    This is also a major event in the work we are doing on Reunion Island. Dave and Laurence Hernandez and their two boys, Damien and Breandan, are joining us on the island to minister along side of us. Dave was for a number of years associate pastor of Life Ministry Centre in Melbourne, Australia. They then took up the position of senior pastor at a church in Healesville, Victoria. They have a very similar mix to Denise and me. They are both French Aussies and speak French fluently. They come to Reunion with French passports so they are at home here. Dave has a teaching/pastoral ministry and has a burden to train Christians to become disciples of Jesus. That will blend beautifully with our strengths. It's one of a number of huge developments we are experiencing at the moment. So what's God preparing around the next corner...?

    I was back out on the streets this afternoon with my sketchboard on the beach front of Saint Pierre, Reunion Island. There were so many people listening to me - children , young people, parents, retirees. It's good to know that after so many years in ministry we are still very relevant. Next year I will be clocking up 30 years of sketchboard work reaching the masses.




    This was our first home meeting last night in a remote village in the south of Reunion Island. Most of the people have come to know Jesus with us. We have followed them up over the last 2 years and we are so thrilled to see the fruit of our work. It was a very joyful evening!



     More photos from last night's home meeting in the village called "Petit Serré"










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