• Dot Point News May 2015


    Vince and Denise Esterman

    Dot Point News May 2015

    Sitting here in Reunion Island airport waiting for a flight to Paris, I can't help but reflect about what's happened to us so far this year, just 5 months in. In a few dot points here is how the story unfolds:

    January - a tough start. The deadline to leave the hall we were using was the 31st. Every door closed, no, slammed in our faces. We were within one week of having nowhere but a lounge room to meet in.

    Then the miracle...in one of our services a well-known lawyer who works for the Catholic archdiocese heard of our plight, contacted the bishop, who rang the parish priest, who made available a chapel just a 3 minute walk from one of the island's most beautiful beaches - rent free and no time limit! The God of the eleventh hour comes through yet again!

    February - had to deal with passing opposition from some of the local parishioners and one couple in our fellowship left us because of the decor. You can't please everyone. Otherwise the church has adapted well.

    March - spent 3 weeks preaching in crusades in France. Many came forward for salvation. So good!

    April - a French-speaking couple from Melbourne joined us in the ministry here. Dave and Laurence Hernandez and their boys Damien and Breandan are like us - French Aussies. They've been in pastoral ministry for 25 years and they give us such firepower for the work with their experience in worship and teaching. Amazing how God leads!

    May - this month! 50 Madagascans living and working in Reunion approached me to help them launch their church. Done! On Monday I signed for a building for them in the heart of the capital, St Denis. They are our branch church and, as their services are only in their native language, I will be using their building to run a Wednesday evening outreach to the French-speaking Reunion Islanders.

    My head is spinning with the blessing! But I don't want to get off this ride.

    Oh and Denise? Well, she's sporting a pretty wide smile at the moment. She's just clocked up 5000 visitors to her blog to train children church works. Well done, darl!

    Thanks to all those who read through our news. And special thanks to all who contribute financially to our ministry and to all who pray for us.

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    Love you all, our dear friends. May God make your journey an exciting one!

    Vince and Denise