• Sharing your faith and actually enjoying it !

    the subjects covered in seminars for training leaders, churches and Bible schools include the following

    sujets traités dans des séminaires pour la formation de leaders, des églises et des écoles bibliques

    The heart of God for the lost :

    The lost sheep

    The lost coin

    The lost son

    “Understanding the sowing and reaping picture” series

    Labourers of the Harvest

    The Process from Sowing to Reaping

    Sowing for a fruitful Harvest

    The joy that reaping brings

    Successfully bringing in the harvest

    The evangelistic parables of Matthew 13

    Placing Evangelism at the heart of the local church” series

    What’s the purpose of the church,

    The Ministry of Reconciliation

    Developing an evangelistic culture the local church

    Developing an Effective Personal Evangelism Strategy

    The church of Martha or the church of Mary?

    Turning evangelism into a spiritually profitable business

    Peter’s fishing boat

    Launching out” series

    Christians coming out of hiding

    What are you waiting for?

    “Go into all the World”

    “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”

    Boldness, the key to success

    “Understanding people” series

    Opening People Up

    Connecting with non-Believing People

    Being skilled in Conversation


    Being an outgoing, outreaching person

    Reading what people are like

    The role of the Holy Spirit in the conversion process

    “Reaching People” series

    Seeking and finding lost people

    Having compassion for lost people

    Gathering people

    Inviting people to the feast

    Your life can affect someone else’s !

    Sharing your testimony sensitively

    Sharing your faith with your own family and friends

    Carrying a paralyzed person to Jesus

    The 10 best tools for reaching people today

    Finding a treasure in a field

    How do you pray to win people to Christ?

    “Fishers of men” series

    Becoming a “fisher of men”

    What is your fishing potential?

    “Have you caught any fish?”

    “The Ministry of the evangelist” series

    Rediscovering the ministry of the evangelist

    New Testament pictures of an evangelist

    The way an evangelist is received

    Being a preacher everyone wants to hear

    Opening spiritually blind eyes

    “The Good Samaritan” series

    How do we interpret the parable

    Why did Jesus choose a Samaritan?

    Using what you have: oil, wine and donkeys

    Samaritans and inn-keepers working together

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