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      February, 2015

    • We started the church in Reunion Island in homes. Then we moved to a reception room  which wasn’t quite legal (sssh…not a word!). Third stage was a disused restaurant and now we use a Catholic chapel just 3 minutes walk from one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. After church we go swimming!
    • After months of frustrating and fruitless searching,  I received the phone call I was after just days away from being without a place to meet.
    • A friend of the bishop on the island came to our service, heard of our plight and rang his mate. The next day we had a chapel. It’s not what you know but who you know. And that doesn’t just apply to God. Anyway with pioneering  you really have to hold your nerve. Then comes the miracle!
    • Establishing a church in an island setting has unique challenges. Instability in much of the population means continually having to regroup but we are making progress and maturity is on the way.
    • Dave and Laurence Hernandez and their two boys from Melbourne, Australia are planing on joining us in April. They are French Aussies like us and have much experience in ministry, having pastored in Victoria over a number of years. Bienvenue les amis!
    • In March I will be going to France to conduct evangelistic missions for a number of churches of different denominations: Assemblies of God, Baptist and the movement we founded 27 years ago, UAPM. The climax will be an interchurch mission involving 10 churches in the city of Roubaix which is my father’s birthplace.
    • A strong connection with Madagascar is emerging. In June I will be speaking at a pastor’s conference there, gathering 2000 pastors from around the country and just this week, a new church of 50 Madagascans here in Reunion Island has asked to link with us.
    • Denise has set up a quite remarkable blog to promote children’s work and provide resources for children workers. It’s called « MONOS-CONNEXION ». You can view it at:  http://monos-connexion.eklablog.com/

    Hope you can read French !

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    • We’ve been back on the mission field now for 2½ years. As missionaries we continue to rely on outside help for our financial support. Ministry partners play a vital role in keeping us functioning in this work of spreading the Gospel. Perhaps you would consider being one of our financial partners. Thank you.


    Much love to you, our friends, who have stuck with us all these years and showed real interest in our work.

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