Pastor, Evangelist, Conference speaker, Street story-teller and equipper of churches to bring in the Harvest.

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    Vince Esterman was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1954 to French parents. Having pioneered and pastored churches in  Queensland, Australia, for 9 years, he moved to France with his wife, Denise, in 1986. For 21 years, they planted a number of churches in France and Belgium, including one in the heart of Paris which he pastored for 11 years.

    Successful church-planting in France required an understanding of reaching the secular mind and touching Gospel-resistant hearts. The many conversions he has seen bear testimony that Europeans and Western populations can be won to Christ in today’s world.

    He has authored several books, which have been translated into French, Norwegian and Swedish. His books encourage people to think about and re-evaluate what evangelism is all about. The style is refreshing as he looks at life and people joyfully. Well-known Biblical truths are rediscovered from new angles and applied in sometimes surprising ways.

    The Estermans returned to Australia in April, 2007 and have settled in the city of Adelaide with the view of establishing a ministry base from which they could travel back to Europe and beyond, as well as partnering with Australian churches.

    Vince conducts equipping seminars for churches entitled “Sharing your faith, and actually enjoying it !”, teaches in Bible Schools, speaks on relevant topics at evangelistic events and motivates churches to once again take up the cause of the Gospel.

    His approach is relaxed and non-confrontational, yet searching for response. He believes that we must earn people’s trust and win the right to be heard.

    There’s nothing quite like seeing a person come to Jesus publicly and then be added to the church community. This is Vince’s ultimate goal to which he has devoted over 30 years of his life.


















    He spends his time developing Bible study groups in different cities in Reunion Island as well as planting new churches in the West of the Island.




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