Since 1986 Vince has been a story teller on the streets of cities and towns in many countries

    Have you seen a crowd gather in the streets of your own town or city to hear someone talk about their faith in God? It’s quite a sight!

    For my English -speaking friends, these photos were taken   on the seashore of St-Pierre Reunion Island where we live and minister. There were many people around the sketchboard today, some visibly touched as I told story after story about the love of God. It's an ongoing work and we are thrilled with the response. Thanks for your interest and support. http://www.espace-foi-sans-frontières.re/ and http://www.estermanministries.com/, vincent-esterman.eklablog.com

    Since 1986 Vince has been a story teller on the streets of cities and towns in many countries including France, Australia, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, USA, Poland.

    The stories are full of theatre and pathos charming crowds with laughter and tears. “It’s a Dog’s life” reads one sketchboard title. The punch line is -  if you’re not happy with a life that looks like a dog’s hind leg, don’t let sleeping dogs lie, turn the DOG around and you have…GOD!

    “Love me tender” is a heart-warming story about a young boy called Jojo and “Monkey Business” draws the parallel between human and animal characters.  God can turn goats into sheep. It’s a question of the heart.

    Then there are the stories of shapes. “What do you see in a zig-zag,” – the crack in a broken heart or the pathway leading home?

    Young people just love the number stories. “You’re a genius” reads the title. 123-45-67+89 = 100 = 98-76+54+3+21. You don’t have to be a genius to work life out. It’s just common sense - when you can’t control what’s happening to you, learn to trust the One who still has control.

    People of all ages enjoy the stories and at the end want an invitation to a meeting. After all, what they heard made them feel so good and it did make such good sense.


    In most cities and towns Vince needs council or police permission, sometimes he has to pay a nominal fee for a busking licence . Other times it’s just set up and go.

    The stories can be told in various settings – streets, but also shopping malls, schools and fairs - anywhere people gather or pass by. When home in Adelaide, Vince works with his own paints and a big sketchboard. When on the road he has giant felt pens but needs the locals to provide a board and paper.

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