• JUST LOOK AT THE JOY ON THEIR FACES! In today's service Denise led our kids in a great Christmas song. There's something GOOD about celebrating Jesus at Christmas!!!

    Reunion island - I'M JUST AN OLD ROCKER FROM THE 70'S! We did a gig Saturday night in a restaurant near the centre of St Pierre in the south of the island. All these guys are my team from Church and they are pretty switched on. We do a programme of "Gospel" songs which people can relate to. One was the Hallelujah of Leonard Cohen. We had an audience of 60 people, many of whom don't know Christ. I followed it up with a message on "Who can you really trust today? Then we all sat down to a 3 course meal to talk about it. IT'S A GREAT WAY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL!
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